The company won the "2012 Annual Guangdong Province Credible" Honor
The company won the "2012 Annual Guangdong Province Credible" Honor
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Recently, the company successfully passed the annual audit of Industry and Commerce Administration, the first time the 2012 "Guangdong Province Shou contract re-credit" Honor.

"Credible" activities, industrial and commercial administrative organs in accordance with principle of good faith of the "Civil Law" and "Contract Law" stipulates, according to business contract performance objective record, undergo a rigorous assessment of contract performance creditworthiness reaches a predetermined standard enterprises to be identified and the whole society publicity activities is to promote business integrity compliance, promote the formation of the whole concept of social good credit, an important measure to promote the establishment of a social credit system.

My company since its inception has always insisted the quality first, the credibility of the first basic principles. Adhere to customers, equality and mutual benefit, common development philosophy, "abide by the contract, integrity management" to become part of the tree Code of corporate culture.

In the daily performance of the contract, the Hang Xin technology companies do stresses integrity, performance, strict compliance with the relevant rights and obligations in accordance with the contract. We have dedicated scientific and reasonable contract management system; there are more systematic contract management systems and processes, the implementation by hand, by the leadership of the company is responsible for monitoring the entire process; contract accounting, record-keeping intact, complete, timely and accurate delivery of statistical data and related information; in contracting, performance, change, termination and other activities, none of which change the result of our breach of contract, and establish a good image of integrity.

The company successfully applied for the "Guangdong Province Shou contract re-credit" enterprise, not only help to improve corporate integrity, establish a good corporate image will help enhance the legal awareness of enterprises, credit awareness and self-discipline will help enhance their market competitiveness, to promote the construction of a social credit system, promote social harmony and economic development, but also has important practical significance.



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