The country's largest 40% aqueous solution of sodium permanganate production capacity at home
The country
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Guangdong Hangxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a high quality sodium permanganate manufacturer, is the first production of 40% aqueous solution of sodium permanganate enterprises, advanced production technology leadership, product quality and stability of quality, high manganese, sodium annual output of 5,000 tons. Enterprises with independent invention of the patented technology, the use of chloride-free one-step preparation of water treatment agent sodium permanganate product, the process is simple and practical, the whole process without toxic and harmful waste gas, waste water discharge, products of good quality and low chloride content.

Sodium permanganate is a strong oxidant, due to the high sodium permanganate solution produced by our company is 40% of the content, can be used directly in production, without dissolving formulations, no impurities, quality and stability. Is now widely used in drinking water purification, circuit boards metal surface cleaning, degreasing plating, chemical fiber finishing, electrolytic manganese dioxide production. I produced sodium permanganate now welcome domestic and international customers, products, sales of domestic provinces and cities far, foreign advanced countries.


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