Prospects sodium permanganate market
Prospects sodium permanganate market
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Sodium permanganate purple liquid, mainly used in drinking water treatment, advanced electroplating, printed circuit boards and electrolytic manganese dioxide, etc., may be used as an oxidizing agent, disinfectants, fungicides and phosphorous antidotes; also be used for toluene manufacturing method saccharin, o-toluene sulfonamide and organic synthesis and purification of phenol wastewater treatment; a circuit board can be used for metal surface cleaning to remove grease, chemical fiber finishing, electroplating addition to hydrogen sulfide and other odors, as well as metal cleaning and the like. Thus sodium permanganate use is very extensive.

In the water purification treatment, drinking water treatment in developed countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and other countries are basically using sodium permanganate. With the development of economy and society, and improve the quality of life, quality of drinking water and related industries have become increasingly demanding product quality, drinking water disinfectants growing demand, thus boosting the development of water treatment industry.

In the electronics industry, due to the high sodium permanganate solution can be used in printed circuit boards, plating, etc. in addition to fat. Sodium permanganate products on the electronics industry in the past mainly rely on imports, so the domestic circuit board production enterprises have been affected as sodium permanganate this new material. With the continued rapid development of the domestic circuit board industry, for such a high sodium permanganate in the electronics industry indispensable auxiliary materials, its importance and impact on the electronics industry is ineffable. With the production company of sodium permanganate products continues to expand, not only to replace imports and promote the development of the circuit board industry, but also exports, create foreign exchange earnings for the country.

Thus, sodium permanganate market prospects are very broad.


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